WWE Raw S31E19: A Recap of the Latest Episode

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wwe raw s31e19 is one of the longest-running and most popular professional wrestling shows in the world. With over 25 years on air, it has become a staple for fans of the sport. The latest episode, S31E19, aired on May 10th, 2021, and as always, it was filled with intense matches, dramatic storylines, and surprise appearances. In this article, we will take a closer look at the highlights of this episode and discuss what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes.

The Return of Eva Marie and the Debut of Piper Niven 

Eva Marie’s Shocking Comeback

One of the greatest snapshots of wwe raw s31e19 was the arrival of Eva Marie to the WWE following a five-year nonappearance. The previous Divas Champion made her entry with another look and disposition, joined by a secret lady who was subsequently uncovered to be Flautist Niven. Fans were stunned to see Eva back in the ring, particularly since she had recently expressed that she could always avoid the WWE. Yet, as she advanced toward the ring, obviously she was not there to contend however to present her new protege, Flautist Niven.

The Debut of Piper Niven

Flautist Niven, otherwise called Snake, is a Scottish grappler who has been causing disturbances in the free circuit for a really long time. She made her introduction on WWE Raw as Eva Marie’s “protégé,” however it was obvious from the very beginning that she was something other than a companion. In her most memorable match, she confronted Naomi, and in spite of losing, she flaunted her great abilities and strength. It will be intriguing to perceive how her organization with Eva Marie unfurls and on the off chance that she will ultimately split away and lay down a good foundation for herself as an independent contender.

The Potential of Eva Marie and Piper Niven

The matching of Eva Marie and Flute player Niven has previously created very much a ruckus among fans. While some are eager to see what this couple can offer that would be useful, others have one or two serious doubts about Eva’s return and her job as a director as opposed to an in-ring contender. Notwithstanding, the two ladies have impressed be gifted grapplers, and in the event that offered the right storylines and chances, they could turn into an imposing power in the ladies’ division.

Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre: A Rematch for the WWE Championship

The Build-Up to the Match

The headliner of S31E19 was a rematch between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title. The two had recently gone head to head at WrestleMania 37, where Lashley arose triumphant. The weeks paving the way to their rematch were loaded up with extraordinary promotions and actual squabbles, developing the expectation for their standoff on Raw.

The Match

The match among Lashley and McIntyre was downright fierce. Yet again the two men did their absolute best with it, yet eventually, it was Lashley who beat the competition, holding his title. The match was not without debate, as MVP, Lashley’s chief, meddled on different occasions, causing interruptions for McIntyre. In spite of this, Lashley demonstrated that he is a prevailing boss and won’t withdraw from any test.

What’s Next for Lashley and McIntyre?

With two successes over McIntyre, it seems like Lashley has hardened his situation as the boss on Raw. Yet, that doesn’t imply that McIntyre will surrender without any problem. All things considered, these two will proceed with their fight, conceivably prompting a limitation match at the following compensation per-view occasion. It will be fascinating to perceive how this competition unfurls and in the event that McIntyre can at long last recover the WWE Title.

The Miz’s Return and His Feud with Damian Priest

The Miz’s Comeback

In the wake of being sidelined because of a physical issue, The Miz made his re-visitation of WWE Raw on S31E19. He was invited back by his previous label group accomplice, John Morrison, however it wasn’t well before he ended up in a warmed fight with Damian Minister. The Miz has forever been known for his tricky strategies and psyche games, and it seems like he hasn’t slipped even after his downtime.

The Feud with Damian Priest

Damian Cleric, who has been doing great since his introduction on the principal list, has been focused on by The Miz and Morrison. The two have been attempting to get under Minister’s skin, yet the Bowman of Shame has not withdrew. In their match on S31E19, Cleric arose triumphant, however obviously this fight is nowhere near finished. With the two men having a great deal to demonstrate, almost certainly, we will see more serious matches between them before long.

The Potential of This Feud

The Miz and Damian Cleric have totally different styles, which makes their quarrel all the seriously fascinating. While The Miz depends on his cleverness and experience, Cleric is a force to be reckoned with noteworthy readiness. On the off chance that given sufficient opportunity and artistic liberty, this fight could become perhaps of the most engaging storyline on Raw.

The Rise of Rhea Ripley

From NXT to Raw

Rhea Ripley made her presentation on the fundamental list at WrestleMania 37, where she tested Asuka for the Raw Ladies’ Title and won. From that point forward, she has been having some fantastic luck, ruling her rivals and demonstrating that she is an amazing powerhouse. On S31E19, she went head to head against Asuka by and by, this time in a non-championship, and arose triumphant by and by.

The Future of Rhea Ripley

Ripley’s ascent to the top has been noteworthy, and obviously WWE has enormous designs for her. With Charlotte Style down and out because of a physical issue, Ripley has turned into the top female contender on Raw. Almost certainly, she will keep on safeguarding her title against new challengers, however it will likewise be fascinating to check whether she will encounter Eva Marie and Flautist Niven later on.

The Impact of Rhea Ripley

Ripley’s prosperity on the principal program has not slipped through the cracks by fans and individual grapplers. She has in practically no time turned into a fan number one and has done right by be a prevailing boss. Her presence on Raw has raised the ladies’ division, and it’s energizing to see what she will achieve from now on.


Who won the main event on S31E19?

Bobby Lashley crushed Attracted McIntyre to hold the WWE Title.

Will Eva Marie return to in-ring competition?

At this point, Eva Marie is filling in as a chief for Flautist Niven, however there is generally a likelihood that she might get back to the ring from now on.

What’s next for Damian Priest and The Miz?

Their fight is not even close to finished, and almost certainly, we will see more matches between them before long.

Is Rhea Ripley the top female competitor on Raw?

With Charlotte Energy down and out, Ripley has turned into the top female contender on Raw, however there are other skilled ladies on the program who could challenge her for the title.

When will fans be able to attend WWE events again?

At this point, WWE is gradually permitting fans once again into their live occasions, yet it might differ relying upon the area and Coronavirus limitations.


WWE Raw S31E19 was an activity stuffed episode that left fans needing more. From the arrival of Eva Marie to the serious matches between top geniuses, obviously WWE has large designs for the impending episodes. With new storylines and contentions creating, it’s an interesting chance to seriously love WWE. We can hardly stand by to see what’s on the horizon for our number one grapplers on Raw.

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