Barcelia: The Hidden Gem of Spain

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Barcelia, a humble community situated in the Catalonia district of Spain, may not be too known as its clamoring neighbor Barcelona, however it is an unlikely treasure ready to be found. With its rich history, staggering design, and scrumptious food, Barcelia offers an exceptional and valid Spanish experience. In this article, we will dive into the marvels of Barcelia and why it ought to be on your movement list of must-dos.

History of Barcelia

Barcelia has a long and captivating history tracing all the way back to the Roman time. The town of Barcino was a significant exchange place for the Romans. It was controlled by different realms throughout the long term, including the Visigoths and the Fields. In the twelfth hundred years, it turned out to be important for the Realm of Aragon and assumed a critical part in the Catalan Rebel against Castile in the fifteenth hundred years.

Medieval Architecture

One of the most striking elements of Barcelia’s its middle age engineering, which has been all around safeguarded throughout the long term. The most well known milestone in Barcelia’s the Congregation of St Nick Maria, a wonderful Gothic-style church worked in the fourteenth hundred years. Its noteworthy ringer pinnacle should be visible from anyplace in the town.

Festivals and Traditions

Barcelia is likewise known for its energetic celebrations and customs, which are well established in its set of experiences and culture. One of the most well known celebrations is the Festa Significant de Barcelia, held each August to praise the town’s supporter holy person, Holy person Bartholomew. During this celebration, the roads wake up with bright processions, customary moves, and scrumptious food slows down.

Cuisine of Barcelia

The town’s area close to the Mediterranean Ocean implies that fish is a staple in many dishes. One must-attempt dish is “suquet de peix,” a generous fish stew made with nearby catch and presented with dried up bread. Another famous dish is “fideuà,” a kind of paella made with noodles rather than rice.

Local Wines

Barcelia’s additionally known for its amazing wines, on account of its optimal environment and fruitful soil. The most well known wine in the district is “cava,” a shining wine like champagne. You can visit one of the numerous wineries in Barcelia for a visit and tasting meeting to get more familiar with the creation cycle and test probably the best wines in Spain.

Tapas Culture

Like the remainder of Spain, Barcelia has a flourishing tapas culture. Tapas are little plates of food that are intended to be divided between loved ones. In Barcelia, you can track down different tapas, from customary Spanish dishes like “patatas bravas” (seared potatoes with zesty pureed tomatoes) to additional remarkable manifestations like “escalivada” (barbecued vegetables with olive oil and spices).

Outdoor Activities in Barcelia

Barcelia’s area close to the coast and the mountains makes it an optimal objective for outside lovers. The town is encircled by lovely climbing trails, ideal for investigating the staggering Catalan open country. You can likewise go horseback riding, mountain trekking, or in any event, paragliding for a more adrenaline-energized experience.

Beaches and Water Sports

Barcelia’s only a short drive away from probably the most gorgeous sea shores on the Costa Brava. The completely clear waters and brilliant sand make it the ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. You can likewise take a boat visit to investigate the close by inlets and secret sea shores.

Skiing in the Pyrenees

For the individuals who favor colder climate, Barcelia’s additionally near the Pyrenees mountains, where you can go skiing or snowboarding throughout the cold weather months. The ski resorts offer different inclines for all levels, as well as dazzling perspectives on the encompassing scene.

Shopping in Barcelia

It might be a modest community, however it has a flourishing shopping scene. You can track down everything from nearby handiworks and gifts to top of the line style brands. The fundamental shopping road, Carrer Major, is fixed with enchanting stores and shops selling extraordinary things that you won’t find elsewhere.

Local Markets

One of the most outstanding ways of encountering the nearby culture and backing private companies is by visiting the week by week showcases in Barcelia. Here, you can track down new produce, high quality merchandise, and different fortunes while blending with the well disposed local people. The most well known market is held each Saturday in Plaça de la Vila.

Outlet Shopping

In the event that you’re searching for certain deals, make a beeline for La Roca Town, an outlet retail plaza simply a short drive from Barcelia. Here, you can find creator brands at limited costs, making it a must-visit for design darlings.

FAQs about Barcelia

What is the best time to visit Barcelia?

The best opportunity to visit Barcelia’s from May to September when the weather conditions is warm and bright, ideal for outside exercises and ocean side excursions.

How do I get to Barcelia?

The closest air terminal to Barcelia’s Barcelona-El Prat Air terminal, which is about an hour’s drive away. You can likewise take a train or transport from Barcelona to Barcelia.

Is English widely spoken in Barcelia?

While Spanish and Catalan are the authority dialects, numerous local people in Barcelia’s likewise communicate in English, particularly in vacationer regions.

What is the currency used in Barcelia?

The official currency in Spain is the Euro (€).

Is Barcelia safe for tourists?

Barcelia is generally safe, but be cautious of your surroundings.


Barcelia might be little, however it has such a great amount to offer. This Spanish gem offers a rich history, stunning design, delicious food, and outdoor activities. A must-visit for an authentic and exceptional travel experience. So whenever you’re arranging an excursion to Spain, remember to add Barcelia’s to your schedule. You will love it!

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