Apple Music Replay: How to Access Your Year-End Music Report

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As the year comes to an end, it’s reliably amusing to consider the music we’ve focused on over the long haul. With the rising of streaming administrations, it has become more clear than any time in ongoing memory to screen our listening affinities. And with Apple Music Replay, you can get to a tweaked report that includes your top tunes, subject matter experts, and assortments of the year. In this article, we’ll investigate how to get to your Apple Music Replay report, as well as other accommodating elements on the Apple Music application.

How to Access Your Apple Music Replay Report

To get to your Apple Music Replay report, follow these means:

Step 1: Open the Apple Music App

The initial step is to open the Apple Music application on your device. This ought to be conceivable on your iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, or even on your Apple Watch.

Step 2: Go to the “Listen Now” Tab

At the point when you have opened the application, go to the “Listen Now” tab at the lower part of the screen. This is where you will find all your redid recommendations and playlists.

Step 3: Scroll Down and Click on “Get Your Replay Mix”

Peer down until you see the “Get Your Replay Mix” segment. This is where you can get to your Apple Musics Replay report.

Step 4: View Your Report

Click on “Get Your Replay Mix” and your altered report will appear. Here, you can see your top melodies, subject matter experts, and assortments of the year, as well as your complete listening time.

Other Useful Features on the Apple Music App

Alongside the Apple Music Replay report, there are numerous other accommodating features on the Apple Musics application that you may not be aware of. We ought to investigate some of them:

Personalized Playlists

Apple Music offers different modified playlists considering your listening penchants. These include “Top picks Mix,” “New Music Mix,” and “Companions Mix.” You can get to these playlists by going to the “Listen Now” tab and scrolling down to the “Made For You” segment.

Lyrics and Song Facts

Assuming you’re someone who loves to sing along to your main tunes, you’ll love to understand that Apple Music gives sections to most melodies. Basically click on the “Refrains” button at the lower part of the screen while listening to a melody. You can in like manner get to fun real factors about the tune by clicking on the “Melody Info” button.

Music Videos and Concert Films

Apple Music similarly offers a wide determination of music recordings and show films. You can find these by going to the “Scrutinize” tab and selecting “Music Recordings” or “Show Motion pictures.”

Common Issues with Apple Music and How to Solve Them

While Apple Music is an incredible streaming assistance, there are some common issues that clients could insight. The following are two of the most common issues and how to address them:

Issue 1: Unable to Find an Apple Store Near Me

If you’re trying to find an Apple Store near you, but are having inconvenience finding one, follow these means:

  • Open the Aides application on your contraption.
  • Type in “Apple Store” in the pursuit bar.
  • Click on the nearest region that appears on the aide.

Issue 2: Trouble Logging into

Assuming that you’re having inconvenience logging into, endeavor these troubleshooting steps:

  • Guarantee you are using the right Apple ID and mystery word.
  • Clear your program’s save and treats.
  • Make a pass at using a substitute program or contraption.
  • Contact Apple Backing for extra assistance.

FAQs About Apple Music Replay

What is Apple Music Replay?

Apple Music Replay is a modified report that shows your top tunes, trained professionals, and assortments of the year in perspective on your listening penchants on Apple Music.

Is Apple Music Replay available for all users?

Indeed, Apple Music Replay is available for all musics endorsers. Notwithstanding, it simply shows information from the ongoing year.

Can I share my Apple Music Replay report with others?

Indeed, you can share your Apple Music Replay report with others by clicking on the “Offer” button at the lower part of the screen.

Can I access my Apple Music Replay report on any device?

Indeed, you can get to your Apple Musics report on any contraption that has the Apple Music application, including iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, and Apple Watch.

Is there a limit to how many times I can access my Apple Music Replay report?

No, there is no limitation to how as often as possible you can get to your Apple Music Replay report. You can see it anyway commonly as you really want reliably.


Apple Musics Replay is an incredible method for looking back on your musics interaction reliably. With several snaps, you can get to a tweaked report that grandstands your top tunes, craftsmen, and assortments. And with other significant elements on the Apple Music application, you can further develop your listening experience extensively further. So go ahead and take a gander at your it report and see what tunes came to your top once-over this year!

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